My favorite type of navigation of all time!  Microsoft hit it out of the ballpark with this tile list web part.  I remember creating images and adding URL’s to them for years and thinking “wow there really needs to be a better way to do this”; and then like magic we now have a better way.  What many don’t realize is it’s just not a list that just has some pictures to it…it’s another form of navigation that can dramatically boost user adoption.  How can it build user adoption you might ask, well let me fill you in.

  1. Executives are NOT the only ones that like pretty pictures.  Everyone one likes them and so much they will be selected hands down every time before a text link will.
  2. Links can take you to many different types of places such as: sites (internal & external), lists, libraries, VIEWS, documents, etc.
    1. Example:  Accounting site has a list of all AR’s, AP’s, PO’s, etc.  It makes sense they are in one list but that doesn’t mean the same person is responsible for all 3.  Once a view is setup in the list to filter AR’s, AP’s and PO’s into their own views then you can setup a promoted link list with 3 different images and link them to their individual views.  That way the person over AR’s does not have to see all the AP’s or PO’s and vice versa.  Can they if need be? Absolutely!
  3. You can add a promoted links list to site templates.  When a new site is created it automatically has the promoted links that your company has deemed important and display them one each site.
  4. Completely customizable to suit your organization and site needs.
    1. Make links smaller
    2. If circle images you can make transparent
    3. Organize in rows and columns
    4. And…much much more
  5. Don’t forget they are Easy, Free & can make a HUGE impact!  Which as we know is the definition of a Quick Win and User Adoption!

Suggestion I always like to make is to pull some analytics from a couple of highly used sites before implementing promoted links.  Once done then setup and implement a promoted links list and let it run for a couple weeks and then pull an updated site analytics report.  Compare the two and let me know what you find out…I think I know but it will be interesting to see how much of an impact they are making in various types of organizations.

Below you will find a set of general icons that you are welcome to utilize, some jQuery that I have used on various sites (written as 1 large entry but can be broken down) and the presentation I have done a number of times which steps you through the creation of a promoted links list and implementation.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out through this blog, Twitter or LinkedIn!  I hope you enjoy!

Promoted Link Downloads:

Icons to get started…

jQuery for Customizations…

Promoted Links Presentation