What an awesome time I’ve been having at SharePoint Saturday DFW!!!  Not only did I get a break from the crazy snow and single digit temperatures of Cincinnati, Ohio I got to see some great friends.  First and foremost I need to give a big shout out to the organizers Eric, Corey, Jennifer and anyone else that I missed as you all did an amazing job.  The venue was amazing and everything went off without a hitch.



At this event I gave my “User Profiles: I Didn’t Know I Could Do That!” presentation which as many of you may already know is one of my favorites :).  I really get into it and tend to get a little animated but nobody seemed to mind and everyone seemed to really enjoy it.  Again, many of the amazing individuals who attended my session deal with the same day to day situations and road blocks that other do so no big surprises just lots of smiles and AH HA moments which I love.

I actually have 3 great moments from this session which is 1 more than normal so I am totally stoked right now :)…  One for being  able to present to everyone who attended the session today.  Two for being able to provide the presentation as promised to everyone who attended the session and to all those who were not able to attend (See Link Below).  Thirdly for Antonio Maio attending my session so that I could mention the ADFS\User Profile issue I have been seeing so that he and I could start brainstorming to see what the heck is going on :).

User Profiles: I Didn’t Know I Could Do That!