This past weekend I jumped in a car and 12 hours later I was in Virginia Beach!!  However, I was not there to enjoy the beach or the ocean as it would of been way to cold but what I did see beautiful as always.  Instead I was there for my 2nd SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach event!!  As expected it was an amazing event put on by some amazing individuals…Susan Lennon has it going on when it comes to these events.  The event also gave me the opportunity to see some fellow SharePointers that I had not seen in a very long time such as Fabian Williams and Matthew Bramer and yes we vowed to not make it so long the next time!

I would get in big trouble if I didn’t give a shout out the gang that I see on a more regular basis as various events.  As most know we’re not all just friends we’re family and I enjoy all the opportunities I have to hang out with them so thanks you Dan Usher, Liz Sundet, Erin Glenn, Tom Daly, Scott Hoag, Maggie Swearingen, Brian Alderman and any one else I have forgotten as it was great catching up our lives and current events…

At last but not least the attendees are always the best part of events as it gives me the opportunity to meet new and interesting people.  I get very excited to see people get excited about SharePoint and to learn something new.  In my sessions I had great interaction, great questions and well you know I really get into my presentations so lots of laughter as well.  It was very surprising for me to run into an attendee that I had previously done work for.  I had reached out a few times but emails returned as he had moved on to another company.  How cool was it that it was in Virginia Beach!!  I believe we will stay connected now and I am extremely proud of all he has done with SharePoint in the last 3 years he has really grown into it :).   Thank you all who attended my sessions and please do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything.  Also as promised here are the presentations that I delivered at the event so enjoy.  🙂

Presentation Links:  UserProfiles_FullDemo Office365_HowisitAffect_WheredoweBegin2 BuildItandTheyWillCome_SharePoint2013