One of the things I seem to be obsessed with the most in SharePoint is User Profiles.  However, my biggest pet peeve is also with one of the functions of the User Profiles :).  That is when your trying to configure User Properties or working with a client on what to set the properties too and it just takes so long for them to come up.  I’ve never seen another process so slow…other than enabling the Synchronization service but that’s another whole blog article :).

So one evening when I had nothing better to do I decided to made a template of all the default User Profile properties and their settings so that I had a starting point to share with my clients when working on their user profile properties and template they can use to add any custom user profile properties that might be decided on during the discussions.  Below is a link to the template I have created I hope it becomes as useful to you as it has to me and many of my clients.