ericriznewOnce again Eric Riz will be the SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati Keynote!  We are extremely happy and look forward to another amazing keynote presentation.  Eric will also be speaking through out the day (session to be named later).  So come out and visit with Eric as he does travel from Toronto, Canada to hang out with all of us!!

This year Eric has chosen “Making SharePoint Strategic” as his topic for the Keynote so it sounds like we are in for a lot of great information.  In addition, to a great start to an amazing event.  For more details visit the SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati site as speakers and sponsors will be soon flooding the site!

Making SharePoint Strategic:

The highest and most effective use of SharePoint includes business units operating at the same level with SharePoint, including your original data.  SharePoint must be deployed as a shared system of data, where trusted information is surfaced up from accounting, document management, data collection and governance.  Without these components in place, it is questionable whether or not your implementation will succeed.

The question is, how do you create and align a SharePoint roadmap and plan that is strategic to your organization, and not tactically based on implementing SharePoint to perform only a percentage of what it is capable of doing.  Join Eric Riz for this dynamic keynote where you will learn how to make SharePoint the enterprise system that Microsoft intended it to be.  He will discuss deployment strategies, tips for aligning your line of business (LOB) data, and help you conceptualize how your SharePoint implementation can become strategic while devising a business plan for your implementation.  Attendees will learn how to see the tangible, conceptual workplace that your executives had hoped for SharePoint.

Eric is the Executive Vice President of Concatenate, Inc. a software firm focused on maximizing SharePoint through product innovation and systems integration based in Toronto, Canada. He has worked with many Fortune 500 companies on their business adoption, change management and deployment strategies to ensure they maximize the benefits of Microsoft technologies and successfully implement SharePoint-based solutions. A SharePoint MVP and thought-leader in the SharePoint business space, Eric is a regular contributor to many industry journals and newsletters. A sought after speaker, strategist and author, Eric has developed and facilitated management and technology sessions through-out North America and addressed conferences around the world. You can follow Eric on Twitter @rizinsights and read his latest articles on