Many organizations have spent a lot of time and money on implementing SharePoint, only to have an increase in support tickets.  One of the main issues that the helpdesk receives is “My Link Has Disappeared!”.  After further discussion with the end user it is determined that the issue they have is not really an issue.  In fact, it’s working as designed.  The link that the end user has identified as missing is actually being bumped off the “Recent” list in the Quick Links navigation.  Links under “Recent” are exactly that, the most recent list, libraries, etc. that has been created within the site.  Which means as new ones are created the older ones disappear.

To make life easier for the helpdesk operators and things a little less confusing for users I have a very simple “Quick Win” that will assist everyone.  The solution is to simply hide “Recent” from the quick links navigation.  To do so follow the below instructions and enjoy a few less emails and phones calls that are accumulated day to day.  Enjoy!

Download removerecent.html


  • Add removerecent.html to the Style Library
  • Go to homepage of the site and edit page
  • Add Content Editor web part to the page
  • Edit Content Editor web part
  • In Content Link field add the URL to the removerecent.html file
  • Expand Appearance Section, Under Chrome Type select None.
  • Select Ok and Save the page