I’ve recently written a few blogs and participated in a few meetings where governance has been the topic of conversation.  I as always bring up the FREE governance template that is sitting out on the Internet just waiting for everyone to check it out.  Many individuals look at me with this odd look on their face and they say FREE (Insert odd look here) and then say well I’m sure it won’t “fit” with what my company does.  My answer always is how do you know if you have never looked at it?  I’m then asked where can I located this template and short answer I just tell them they can Google, oops Bing for it :).

The conversations never really seem to die down after that in regards to this template as I have peeked their curiosity with my ramblings about how this “template” can ultimately help their company grow.  They are, of course, confused and unsure how a “template” can do such a thing, but it’s true.   Not sure if you have grasped the keyword yet in this blog article but if you haven’t it’s “template”.  Definition of a template has many forms but we’re going to go with the computer related ones:


  1. a small sheet or strip of cardboard, plastic, or the like, that fits over a portion of the keyboard and provides ready reference to the keystroke commands of a particular software program.
  2. an electronic file with a predesigned, customized format and structure, as for a fax, letter, or expense report, ready to be filled in.

Clearly #1 is not exactly what we’re are referring to in this situation but #2 nails it square on the head; do you agree?  It’s a predesigned, customized structure READY TO BE FILLED IN!!  In other words this is ground zero, your starting point, the starting line or your point A.  The most important and the hardest thing to do with any project is to actually to get it started.  Agree?  This is the companies starting point to get started on the right track to a successful full-fledged governance project regardless if it’s SharePoint, Exchange, Lync, etc.   Everything needs governance so why not follow the Nike motto and ‘Just Do It’??

Ok now that we understand that its the starting point and motivation is on overload with all the right people, now what do we do to kick it to the next level?  This is where you go back to your training and start talking about doing “Discovery” so that you can learn more about the company so that you can provide the right kind of recommendations for them.  As the individual was quick to mention in the beginning all companies are not the same so its important to learn as much as you can.  The template may have more than the company needs or it may not have enough.  Regardless, you will find out which and really quickly.  Once the company catches and is able to quantify its importance it really begins to grow a life of its own; this is a good thing!  The governance document is a living, breathing and ever changing document and will become one of the top audited pieces of documentation.

Download Template Here:  Sharepoint Governance Template

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